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Master p you a genius

Master p you a genius

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Lyrics to "You A Genius" song by Master P: Nigga turn a fo' to a half; You a genius From a eight-ball, a thousand grams; You a genius Put it on. Percy Miller, better known by his stage name Master P or his business name P. Miller, is a rapper, actor, entrepreneur, investor, Interlude: The Glory Is in You. You Need To Know Lyrics: If you don't want to hear the truth, then just skip past this one / Keep telling lies because the truth hurt, keep telling lies 'cause the truth .

You Know I'm a Ho Lyrics: Master P (Cube) / I'm ready / (Ay yo P What's crackin' nigga?) / I'm tryin' to get my roll on Cube / (So where we headed?) / The Player's . You Don't Know Me Lyrics: Master P [Talking] / Yo what you trippin on? / Didn't I tell u its gonn be alright? / I ain't came up on somethin shorty / And I got u. Put em up, represent, where you from? (Westside, southside) Check out some of this down South shit though nigga [Verse 1: Master P] You bout it, I'm bout' it.

is P! / P?! / (Yeah) / If this P lemme hear ya say. [Hook: Master P & No Limit] P gon' make ya say UNGGGGGGH, I'mma make you say OWWWWWWWW. If You Real, Keep It Real (Feat. Master P Lyrics: Soldiers / Be all you can be / This No Limit shit tho / We in this for life / This not just a job baby / This an. Would You Lyrics: Man look at that mothafuckin' hoe right there man, Krazy / Lawd look at that fuckin' ass / Naw nigga that hoe look like Halle Berry / Hey shorty. I've been tryin to call you baby, where you at? [P] I'm out here on the block thuggin [P] After this, you ain't gon' have to want for nuttin, ya heard? [Ashleey]. Cruisin with my girls even rollin with thugs. I need dubs, 22's, 24's. Shinin in the hood I'm the king of the car shows [Master P] I see it I buy it, you need it I got it.

Y'all don't know what we goin through (mo' money mo' problems) Y'all don't know what they put us through [Master P] Too many problems I can't sleep, you. [Master P *talking*] Yo Mike take me to the commercial man. So I can tell why I never fall off. You know what I'm saying, before I do. I sell all the houses and cars I. I got the hook up holla if you hear me (Ughhhhhh)(8X) [Master P] I live my life as a thug but girl you know I need ya. Each and ever women that I meet damn they. Weed and Money Lyrics: Check this out / You a playa if you got bitches and blunts in your house, right / (Right, right) / But you a motherfuckin' TRU G / If you get.


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