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Small lan games

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Yeah, well I'm staying at my cousin's house for the weekend, and we're looking for some LAN games to play. We've already played Generals. Being an older game, Starcraft suports offline LAN due to not as many people having internet back when Making for a game that works well for small groups. Work in Progress* For a more updated version check out my Steam Curated List A list of games that are perfect for a fun LAN Party.

31 Mar Yeah, basically thats all we've played for a long time now, its getting old Is there any other fun game out there that we can play LAN and isn't. I'm looking for some small games that are great over LAN, but we can talk about all LAN games here. I say small because there's a bandwidth. My buddies and I need a new game to play at our little LAN parties (about 4 or 5 people). We played cooperatively through Diablo 2 and its.

I'm helping host a LAN of 16+ people next Saturday and I need Ideas for games. So far games are * PUBG - Only 4 players in a match:/ (Only 8. 11 Oct Does anyone have any suggestions about good games for way multiplayer games? Preferably cooperative. Me and my friends are getting. So what games are good for a LAN party that involves 4 people, and does not really need internet connection (My internets shitty, so nothing. Results 1 - 8 of 84 This is not a list of all LAN games but only the best LAN games on Steam that will keep your LAN Party bumping! I am trying to avoid same. Some friends and i have started consistently laning on the weekends(between 3- 5 of us) and we need some ideas for games to play.

My friends and I get together once a year and spend a full weekend LAN-ing. We' re looking for some new games to play for this year's event. Small group wanting to play some games together. What games are great to play ? Looking at Left4Dead 2, some warcraft 3 custom maps and. Does anyone know of any small but fun lan games to play at the office?:o Something small because the average pc is like a ghz celeron. Looking for something for a friend and I to play for a bit preferably a small size ( download) that has co op over lan or something for some fun for.


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